On the Road Again…


We had a grey drive into Wales with fog obscuring our vision and rain beating down on the windscreen. I thought it was beautiful, but for Liam it must have been a nuisance. It was a long drive and I spent most of it entertaining myself by watching the world go by, or sewing little Christmas presents, having promised not to sing…The landscape was incredible from the moment we got into Wales, and I enjoyed looking at (and photographing!) trees and hills, as opposed to the vast expanses of concrete and buildings we had seen during earlier parts of the journey.

There was a little town on a hill that was absolutely perfect, but I was so completely mesmerized by the colourful houses that I didn’t manage to take a photo. It’s on my list of places to visit one day. I imagine it has the cutest little cafes and bakeries, and that everyone living there knows one another. It was surrounded by forest and field and completely epitomised the stereotypical British country village, from what I could see.

The next day was a bit brighter, and we left Cardiff as the sun was setting. We changed our route and drove over the Severn Bridge to the backdrop of a pink sky. I slept most of the way home once it got dark.


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