Exploring Cardiff

In the morning of our day in Cardiff, Liam and I got up early for a quick breakfast in our hotel. We sorted out the things we needed for the day. Liam dressed himself in his shirt and tie, while I cut bits of fabric to sew on the drive home.

When it came to being time to check out, we dropped the car near the city centre and went for a walk around Cardiff. We found beautiful old buildings and churches, a garden that I loved a bit too much, and a Christmas market. We spent a bit of time wandering through the market buying gifts for family and for ourselves, and just soaking in the smell of Christmas. We found one stall that sold collections of dried fruit and cinnamon that encapsulated the smell of Christmas, so we stocked up and brought presents home for our mothers and ourselves. Liam has Christmas hanging from his gear stick now, while my little bag of holiday smells hangs from my headboard.

After a few hours of wandering, Liam left me to explore the castle by myself, but that is a story for another day.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday. I’ll be spending mine finishing off  a surprise I have planned for a certain someone and wrapping Christmas presents. I couldn’t ask for a more relaxing way to spend the day.


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