Today is a day for doing work. And messy hair with big glasses. And playing on Lightroom because doing work is ever so dull.

Watching: Kirstie’s Vintage Home on 4od. I love Kirstie; her programmes are completely addictive and are particularly compelling because she’s learning, too. While she knows more than anyone should about vintage or antique shopping – and loves to talk about those things – she’s also learning different crafts on screen. I love that this showcases other crafty people and that you get tips from people who really know what they’re talking about, but more than all that I find watching Kirstie make mistakes or get excited to see the outcomes of her projects endearing, and it makes me feel like I can do them too. I’m just going to go out and say it: sometimes I wish that I was Kirstie. There, I’m done.

Loving: Kirstie’s Vintage…just kidding. I’m actually loving lots and lots of reading, which isn’t unusual but is still always nice. Liam spoiled me this Christmas with a tablet, which means that when I’m traveling about as I so often am, I can read without breaking my back under the weight of half a bookshelf. Lately I’ve been coupling my reading time with tea as well, which is unusual for me. Caffeine makes me sick, so I used to just avoid tea like the plague, with the exception of camomile sometimes, and only when drowned in honey. Well move over camomile, I have discovered that there is so much more out there and am enjoying everything from mint to that strange bag of pink flowers I found in the cupboard. Delicious!

Listening to: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I can’t have background noise when I work (or at least not music) because I find it really distracting, so I tend to sit at home in silence when I need to get things done. Sometimes it gets a little depressing, but other times – like today, after a very people-filled Christmas – it’s really nice to just zone out.

Going: On short walks through muddy fields! I’ve been on a hunt for animal bits these last few days – scraps of sheep wool and feathers – and there’s nowhere better to find them around here than tangled in barbed wire fences or stuck in a hedge. I’m lucky that I live in the countryside so that when I need these natural bits for little projects, I know I can nip outside and find a ton that have been shed somewhere in the fields. It helps when these walks mean squidging through mud, too – I love a good mess.

Making me happy: Making little gifts for friends. There’s yarn everywhere! Everywhere, I tell you!

As ever, this post was inspired by Danielle.


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