Currently // Radio Silence

Changes are in the works around here. On a more minor note: I’m currently working for a few weeks, and that accounts for part of my recent silence. On a more major note (for me, anyway): Liam is moving. Not down the road, but to the other end of the country. I know I shouldn’t complain – some relationships span continents, for crying out loud! – but this is a big change for me. He’s been a constant companion recently, and I don’t know what I’m going to do without Liam to adventure with every weekend, and sometimes even during the week.

So yeah, there’s been that.

Next week, work will stop and life will return to an element of normality. I hope to be posting a bit more again, and documenting my solo adventures (or adventures with friends…I’m making myself sound like such a loner, geez). Prepare for an overload of pictures from the park, as that’s about as far as I’ll be able to take myself without Liam’s driving.

Until then, I hope you stay dry and warm, whatever this winter weather has brought to you. I’ll be enjoying little bits of snow after work for as long as it lasts, hooray!


Have I missed it? The window of time in which it’s OK to post Christmas-related things, that is?

I know, I know…but I was really proud of this table and so I wanted to show you, OK?!

This was how we decorated for Christmas Eve, and these decorations were still on the table when I left home last weekend…so they’re probably still there now. I found all of these bits in the garden, and the little mason jars were pulled out of a cupboard, waiting for more jam next year. I just played around with everything until I liked how it looked and then plonked it on the table – simple! Though I will admit I spent a good couple of hours doing this – including time spent collecting items. It was fun, though, and so I’ll say it was worth it. IMG_2142 IMG_2114


This is going to be a quiet week for me, filled with work I can’t quite motivate myself to do. In an effort to find inspiration, I’ve collected some links for those with a bit more time to relax. Enjoy!


Not sure how I feel about the song in general, but this cover is awesome.

Why libraries matter, found onĀ Danielle’s blog. It was too good not to share.

A new favourite.

Dreaming of scented candles to keep me company. This, this or this would make me happy, even though Christmas is long gone.

Everything here looks delicious, especially the trout.

I love what Sara’s wearing, and her blog is lovely too.

Need this cake in my life right now.

A go-to for stretching.

Looking forward to spending time here soon.

Happy New Year!

To welcome in the new year, Liam and I went for a walk around a lake near his home. It was a lovely, peaceful trip and just how a new year should start. I hope you had a good one, whatever you did, and wish you all the best for 2013.