I have so many things coming up for you – a long overdue review, some adventuring…as ever, this is all taking a backseat as I’ve been welcomed back to my usual routine with a landslide of extra tasks and responsibilities. And there I was expecting calm! It was quite a rude awakening.

In case you haven’t seen it already, I wanted to share this Disney short with you. It’s absolutely adorable and a fun way to cheer up your day in only six minutes. It’s even been nominated for some awards, too!

In keeping with the love-theme of the film, I’ve found a few cute blog posts to get you excited for the upcoming holiday:

This Valentine’s Day DIY looks so simple and is really sweet

…and this brunch looks delicious, too!

Have you seen Ruby and Ben’s posters? Such a nice gift idea.

James’ gift guide made me smile.


I hope you’re doing well out there, and that you’re keeping warm this winter. It’s only a few more days until spring!

I spotted this film on, and shared it from, Alice’s blog.


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    • I know…it’s been a long time coming, but the longer I leave it, the harder it gets to think of something to write! Maybe this week…or today?! I could make that a daily mission. Thank you for your comment!

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