hello there.

Doing a ‘Hijab Challenge’. I wore my hijab all day yesterday, and actually quite enjoyed the experience!

Hello, again.

I know, I know, I haven’t updated my blog in like a month and that’s just not okay. I know. It has been pointed out, most notably by my vaguely furious sister. So here I am: updating. Filling you in. Carving a little hole out of the silence.

I thought I would do a ‘Currently’ post as a means of catching up, only for all intents and purposes we can call it a ‘Recently’ post, as it will be talking about a bit more than just my current happenings. How’s that?

So here goes. A recently post, just for you:

Working on: A film! A story! A performance! I’m doing largely creative modules for this final semester, which has been really great fun. It’s nice to take a break from a mountain of essays, even if it does mean having to learn completely new skills in a very short space of time. Final Cut Pro isn’t easy to use – who knew?!

Watching: Oh so many things…I’ve probably spent a bit too much time glued to a screen lately, but it has been entertaining. I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries, including ‘Queen of Versailles’, which I loved. I also watched ‘Wreck it Ralph’ last night and still haven’t quite gotten over how good it was. So funny! And adorable! “Who doesn’t love a girl with dirty hair?”

Anticipating: So many things! In the short term, I’m really looking forward to tonight. It’s a big night for quite a lot of my friends, and will determine the future year or so for some of them. I’ve been crossing my fingers that they’ll get the jobs they’re hoping for, so I’m excited to see what comes of things tonight. In the long term, graduation is pretty high up on my list! And finishing all of my university work before then…it seems like it’s rushing up on me, but is also a million miles away as well. It’s a strange place to be. I’m also very excited to move this summer: first of all I’ll be moving back home for a couple of months, then will be moving to Switzerland later on in the year. I can’t wait to be closer to my family and to finally get to live in the country that I most attribute ‘home’* to. It’ll be an interesting change of pace, and that’s exactly what I feel like I need at the moment.

Eating: Can we just talk about how good raw fruit and veg is for a second? I mean seriously. I’ve been craving all manner of fresh food lately and it has been amazing. I love having a plate/ lunchbox/ whatever crammed full of colour! Today I have been snacking on mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and cucumber, as well as some hard boiled eggs for good measure. Eggs are the best. That being said, I’m sitting here eating some cheese and onion crisps as I type, and have big plans of going for a burger after results night later. And I ate half a cake yesterday…so I guess I am still myself in the food stakes.

Reading: Nothing! I’ve just finished Katherine Boo’s ‘Behind the Beautiful Forevers’, and am still waiting for my new book to arrive (it was neither available as an e-book or in the library, sad). I’ll be sitting on a train later, though, so I may have to treat myself and start ‘The Book Theif’…’Behind the Beautiful Forevers’ was originally recommended to me after I did a book review of ‘Shantaram’ (back when I still had red hair and a different blog). It was interesting, and I enjoyed reading the real life stories of people in one of India’s biggest slums (it’s non-fiction). That being said, the writing style was quite to-the-point and never particularly poetic, which is something I usually look for in a book. It lacked atmosphere at times because of that, I felt, but all in all it was a good read, and I would recommend it if books about India are your thing.

Enjoying: My new climbing course! Though ‘new’ might be a bit of a stretch – we’re over halfway through already! It’s been fun learning a new skills, and I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some people who I can’t believe I’ve never run into before. I’m still being a bit of a wimp (scared of heights), but it’s been a good challenge and I definitely feel excited to go every week, and exhilarated when the class is finished. I’m hoping to invest in some of my own climbing shoes so that I can go bouldering with my dad sometime.

Right, I think that may be all I’ve got for you right now. I’m currently sitting in an editing suite needing to learn how to use software to make my film and accepting anything as a distraction. I’m more interested in watching how my friend’s film develops than in actually doing my own. Oops! One of these days when I understand film making a bit better, I’m going to get into it. I just hope that day comes soon…

For now, it’s over and out from me! Hope you have the loveliest of lovely weekends.

* Speaking of home, Danielle from Sometimes Sweet (who also started the idea for these posts) recently wrote a really interesting post about what home is to her.


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