I have so many things coming up for you – a long overdue review, some adventuring…as ever, this is all taking a backseat as I’ve been welcomed back to my usual routine with a landslide of extra tasks and responsibilities. And there I was expecting calm! It was quite a rude awakening.

In case you haven’t seen it already, I wanted to share this Disney short with you. It’s absolutely adorable and a fun way to cheer up your day in only six minutes. It’s even been nominated for some awards, too!

In keeping with the love-theme of the film, I’ve found a few cute blog posts to get you excited for the upcoming holiday:

This Valentine’s Day DIY looks so simple and is really sweet

…and this brunch looks delicious, too!

Have you seen Ruby and Ben’s posters? Such a nice gift idea.

James’ gift guide made me smile.


I hope you’re doing well out there, and that you’re keeping warm this winter. It’s only a few more days until spring!

I spotted this film on, and shared it from, Alice’s blog.



This is going to be a quiet week for me, filled with work I can’t quite motivate myself to do. In an effort to find inspiration, I’ve collected some links for those with a bit more time to relax. Enjoy!


Not sure how I feel about the song in general, but this cover is awesome.

Why libraries matter, found onĀ Danielle’s blog. It was too good not to share.

A new favourite.

Dreaming of scented candles to keep me company. This, this or this would make me happy, even though Christmas is long gone.

Everything here looks delicious, especially the trout.

I love what Sara’s wearing, and her blog is lovely too.

Need this cake in my life right now.

A go-to for stretching.

Looking forward to spending time here soon.